About RIX Software

RIX software brings the voice of people with learning disabilities, autism and similar support needs into the heart of their education, care and wellbeing. Our suite of tools uses multimedia to give people easy, accessible ways to communicate their thoughts, needs and aspirations and to organise the support that they need to lead the lives they want to live.

The Multi Me platform combines easy to use personal organiser tools with a secure online network, providing a safe and effective online support network for people of all abilities. This enables everyone in the person’s support circle to work together on their behalf, and simple features ensure carers and professionals can communicate effectively with each other in a joined-up way. A multimedia Diary helps people keep friends and supporters up-to-date, and assists carers with person-centred case management. The Multi Me software also includes a visual Calendar and a Goal-setting tool.

The RIX Wiki at the heart of the platform combines multimedia with a mind-map design to enable people to build their own personal websites that capture and share what is important to them. Using video, pictures, sound and words, Wikis help individuals to organise their thoughts and communicate up to date information about themselves with the key people in their lives. They serve as personal plans, records of achievements and accessible repositories for important information about the person. Their format ensures the individual is at the centre of interventions and decisions made by professionals, with the fullest possible understanding between everyone involved.

The RIX EasySurvey software provides a highly accessible way to gather feedback and get insights into people’s views.

Together, RIX software tools empower people to gain choice and control in their lives and enable education, health and care teams to shape their best possible learning, care and support, helping them to live their lives to the full.