Two iPhone views of a Multi Me wiki

Person centred power

Our software is designed around the person you support, helping them to communicate their hopes, dreams and plans effectively. We enable the person to be seen and heard through the creative use of multimedia.

Two examples of Easy Survey screens

Quality monitoring

People can use our software to rate and suggest improvements to their support. This has been shown to result in better quality care without the need for expensive transformation and training programmes.

Proactive care

Our dashboard provides a wealth of data to evidence the quality of care, target areas of care provision that are working well and others that need to change. This real time data allows for effective co-working and risk management.

Safety first

Our software is GDPR compliant, safe and easy to use and meets all NHS accessibility requirements.

A supporter navigates a Wiki with a student

Our software helps people of all abilities to capture and communicate their needs and work with you to improve their health and wellbeing. They can identify and share their needs and aspirations and make effective plans for the future with their professional and family support circles.

Our easy-to-use toolkit enables the person to be seen and heard at the heart of a co-produced health and care plan.

Key information is simply recorded and shared, actively involving families and carers in the process. This reduces the risk of adversarial relationships, costly disputes and tribunals, and supports a more effective way of working together.

  • a platform for effective information exchange between practitioners and the people they serve across health and care services
  • ideal for the place-based models of integrated care being developed in the UK
  • accessible design ensures that our most vulnerable people are included as we design new service models using digital tools

How it works